Leadership conversations with the Group CEO of Forte Oil, Mr. Akin Akinfemiwa held on the 20th of October, 2018

Mr Akinfemiwa has a lot of wisdom, little wonder he became CEO at 38 ( the youngest CEO of a publicly quoted company).

Some Key things learnt
1. Know thyself/ Self awareness: Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself what you can and cannot do. Likewise things you can/cannot tolerate.

2. To be or to have?: Be good at what you do, then you’ll have…… Be-Have

3. Develop a relationship with those at the top so your voice can be heard.

4. Be humble so people will listen to you when you talk. They won’t if you’re proud.

5). Establish a philosophy and be strong on it.

6). A network of relationships are vital… Which is the platform @thelighthousenetwork provides.

Join us today and together we’ll light up our world!

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