Back to work quotes

Back to work?
Here’re 5 quick tips to help you deliver more @ work this year

1) Show up. Like physically and with your mind..dont be mindlessly present.Plan to be in control of distractions this year..phones or whatever else distracts you at those meetings. Participate. Share your view professionally.Use your voice.

2) Read More( sorry there’s no short cut😁)
You are what you know therefore you dont know what you dont know.Find news bulletins that bring you a summary of business, poitical, social news..thankfully many of these sites offer whatsapp subcriptions..subscribe, read books; self to your work area or otherwise.

Join a book club it helps you read or even forces you to.
There’re many virtual book clubs now.

3) Find a work ally..a 2nd pair of eyes(&head) to run thoughts by.

4) Find a ‘thinking time’…this year block out a minimum of 1hour a week in your diary if you can for this.
People are increasingly doing more of ‘doing’ than  thinking ..and just having time to think can help you bring more to the table.

5) Keep making demands of your self..challenging yourself as you pack up to go home each day with “what value did  i bring to the table today”? Otherwise have a value yielding working year and i hope you find some joy from your work!
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